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Codis Maya also offers a bespoke service, which allows you to select your own enamel colours for any designs featured in the collection for an additional £35.

Once you make your selection, your silver cufflinks will be cut, stamped, assayed, soldered, buffed, mounted, enamelled, fired and polished, all by hand to create your personalised pieces.

The process will take up to 14 weeks and will be carried out by at least 10 highly skilled crafts people in British workshops. This service provides a way of creating something special and unique- made just for you, a friend or loved one.

We thank you for understanding these are handmade craft products and that certain enamel colour combinations may react differently in the kiln according to which design they are incorporated into. We therefore suggest ordering well in advance of the required time for the goods to be ready so that we may allow for time to resolve any possible issues.

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