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Scallop Cufflinks

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Solid silver cufflinks with bluebell vitreous enamel.

15mm x 14mm diameter

These cufflinks were illustrated by the Roshini’s daughter with intricate details that can be seen beneath the surface of the enamel replicating the features of real scallop shells. Scallops have rich symbolism throughout many cultures. They are a symbol of light and represent salvation, they are used to sprinkle baptismal waters, they are the sofas of sea deities and are also associated with the goddess Venus “born of the sea” as she was carried to shore on a scallop shell.

They are also worn by those who have completed the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.  As well as being a vessel for drinking water, real scallop shells are used as markers for pilgrims on their journey along the path and the markings on the shell symbolise the many European starting points from which medieval pilgrims began their journey, all drawn to a single point at the base of the shell.

These cufflinks are created with vitreous enamel- an ancient material that takes years of training and discipline to learn how to employ. Master craftsmen like Karl Fabergé are know for beautiful enamelling and today it is a fading skill that is only carried out by a few workshops in the world. You can see the fine skills involved in making these cufflinks here.


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Sterling Silver and 18 Carat Gold Vermeil, Sterling Silver and 18 Carat Rose Gold Vermeil, Sterling Silver and White Rhodium Plate


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