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Vine Cufflinks

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Sterling silver cufflinks with white rhodium plate and vitreous enamel.

Opaque navy enamel.

15mm diameter

These cufflinks are inspired by one of our favourite British artists- textile designer, poet and social activist William Morris. Recognised as a significant figure of British culture during the Victorian era, Morris became a highly sought after interior designer chiefly creating iconic prints on tapestries, wallpaper and fabric that are still iconic today. Morris’s prints are chiefly designed around flora and fauna, often expressed in lush and abundant styles yet with subtly of stylised forms and tonal colour.

These Vine cufflinks were illustrated by Roshini’s daughter Lia. They have an intricate pattern incorporating delicate leaves and fruit of the plant which are symbols of plentiful harvests and bountiful times. Grapes, and their vines are also sacred to Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, ritual and fertility, making them a great gift for a celebration of love.

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Opaque Navy Enamel


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